PowerPoint® For The Mime
(Movie of Presentation and Raw PPT File)

PowerPoint is used in many, many ways today! This quick project involved an unusual (even for us) description – and proved to be a lot of fun. This project could easily have been developed in Flash, Director, or a linear-editing (video) application. But the meeting had computer/PowerPoint output setup, no video playback (via DVD, Beta or VHS) and the client needed to review and edit on laptop while traveling - so PowerPoint was the easiest solution.

Create an onscreen representation of the key attributes of the company product to coordinate with a professional mime’s presentation of each of these attributes.

- PowerPoint 2003
- 12’x20’ rear projection screen
- Must use only black and white (to coordinate with traditional “Mime” colors)
- Smooth transitions from one ‘topic’ to another

- Our first step was to read the Mime’s “script” and pull out the key attribute words
- Next we developed the series of words in PhotoShop
® to give them some interest and shadowing to keep the projected show from looking to flat
- We also avoided any font issues by making the stylized words into images
- We then recreated the company logo in white, and with enough resolution to project full screen with no pixelization
- Final step was to animate the presentation

- 5 slides
- 57 animations
- 9 custom graphics (all ,png images with transparency)
- Of note is the presentation uses no PowerPoint text or autoshapes

- To assure smooth animation and slide transition playback it needs to be played with the full PowerPoint application (not through the Viewer application)
- Additionally Hardware Acceleration should be turned on (provided the computer has a graphics cards with dedicated memory)
----- Hardware Acceleration is turned on by going to SLIDE SHOW >> SET UP SHOW >> click the USE HARDWARE GRPAHICS ACCELERATION button
- We designed with slide numbers and end-of-slide indicators in the lower right corner. These were over projected, so they were not visible to the audience, but gave the graphics operator knowledge of when it was safe to advance to the next slide
-----W hen the thin vertical bar appears in the lower right corner, the slide animation is complete and it is safe to advance to the next slide when needed
-----This also was important as we did not know the exact timing of the Mime's performance for each slide, so each slide had to be manually advanced to coordinate with the live action


Movie of presentation was created using Camtasia Studio for the raw video capture of the PowerPoint file. File was then otpimized for web viewing and setup with the playback controls, total file size under 2 MB.



- We have provided the full presentation, with all animations editable for all to see and learn. We hope this simple presentation can provide some ideas on how to integrate slide transitions and animations to create seamless transitions and see some creative animation being applied to simple objects to create a fun and visual presentation.

Download = PPT file (400kb) Requires XP-2003 for animation playback


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