SWOT Expert
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TLC Creative Services, Inc. has been the a part of the development process for a series of business software titles. In this case one of the SWOT Expert modules. What makes these software titles unique is that with each the development cycle from beginning to last stage is a PowerPoint file. You can visit the SWOT Expert website (www.swotexpert.com) and see this movie in use. For the project you see above is a movie created in and from PowerPoint! Here was the procces:

  • Client:
  • Developed the story line
  • Pulled slides from project
  • Coordinated new narration recording
  • Provided all files to TLC Creative Services


  • TLC Creative Services:
  • Modify/optimize selected slides
  • Optimized provided narration audio files
  • Timed animation to coordinate with narration
  • Select and edit music bed
  • Program OfficeFX 3D motion backgrounds and slide transitions
  • Output high resolution movie of timed PowerPoint presentation (with OfficeFX Publish)
  • In linear editor mix movie, narration and music
  • Render as movie and convert to streaming Flash file with onscreen controls



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